New Texas law can't sign the patriot act?

I had a buyer signing and on the patriot act there was a special stamp over the notary signature line that said something about a state of Texas mandate that did not permit us to sign that document.
Any one seen that??? wonder what that is about

I’m not a Texas notary, so I wouldn’t get news about that sort of thing.

Texas does have a law or rule that Texas notaries are not allowed to copy ID numbers from the ID to their journals. I don’t know the exact wording of the law or rule. Maybe the rule would also apply to copying ID numbers from the ID to the Patriot Act for.


I’m curious who placed the stamp on the Patriot Act.

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I believe it was the title company

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@jennjoneis I did some research and found Procedure -35 from the Texas Department of Insurance.

From the Texas Department of Insurance: Basic Manual of Title Insurance, Section IV (continued)

From the Texas Land Title Association: P-35. Prohibition Against Guaranties, Affirmations, Indemnifications, and Certifications

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Texas Notaries can record the expiration date of the ID as this doesn’t present a personally identifier of the signer.

well, that’s interesting thanks for sharing the article