New to RON - looking for advice on vendors/platforms

I’m just getting started with RON and finding the right fit as far as platforms are concerned has proven overwhelming. Does anyone have any suggestions, recommendations, etc.?

Being new to RON I’d like to sign up with a vendor platform that brings assignments to the notary. I know these are less profitable but until I’m comfortable with everything I’m guessing that’s probably the way to go. Does Signix offer this kind of service? What other services out there do this?

Thanks in advance!

Short answer: Notarize is a very good place to start and begin gaining experience as an online notary.

Here are two YouTube videos by Side Hustle Seattle that helped me differentiate each RON vendor/platform and helped me decide where to start:

(Part 1) I looked into EVERY Remote Online Notary (RON) company| Here is what I learned! Pt. 1 - YouTube
(Part 2) FINALLY finished looking into EVERY Remote Online Notary Company| Pt 2 - YouTube

This video is specific to Washington, but most of these vendors seem available in other states that allow RON. I’m in Texas and I found that all of this information was still applicable to my state.


Thanks Bryce, that was incredibly helpful - exactly the type of research I was in the process of compiling so it saved me a lot of time.


There are other options provided also by others like myself who have asked the very same question.


I actually did search but came up short. But, I’ll search again because I’m planning to compile a sort of master reference guide to compare as many options as possible. Thanks for letting me know there’s additional info on here!

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If you watch the links @notarybrycehall posted (which are awesome by the way), in the second video, she (the author) already did that “reference guide” work for you. Over 200 companies and all the RON’s and then some. She put a lot of work into her resources and made them all shareable. It’s in the comments section under the video at the top.

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When you type “RON” into the Search Field (*see image above in previous post by @donaldsonnp *), there are more threads listed than can be easily counted . . . [more than 50]. Here is the page that lists the referenced threads from the search results of the Notary Cafe database:


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Hello fellow notaries.

I am also considering getting my RON. It was just approved in January 2022, but I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed as to what platforms to use. I really liked Signix’s platform and because they are approved with the SOS. However, the fee to get started is $299.00 upfront (does include estamp and digital certificate) but is kind of steep with just getting started. Do you mind sharing which platform you decided to get started with? I have had my application sitting on the “back burner” for weeks because I have to report which one I’m going to use. I guess I could put down all the approved ones, but I’m just not sure what to do at this point.

I understand that it can be overwhelming but if you review the previous posts above you can get a jump start on your research :wink:

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Thank you donaldsonnp!

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