New to the Notary Cafe and being a Notary

Can anyone give me and ideal of the price range for Notary(s) in the state of Alabama? or guidelines for charges. Thank you

Never less than $100…then add travel. However, only you can determine what you want to make, your expenses to travel to wherever you’re willing to go and other costs of business (equipment, supplies, taxes and many other expenses)…don’t forget PROFIT.
One size simply does not fit all and what works for me in AR most likely doesn’t any place else as there are so many variable factors involved. I have worked in this field in rural areas of 2 states and what worked in 1 state was way off base in the other.

Hi Graccy,

I’m in Huntsville, Alabama and have been performing GNW (General Notary Work) and NSA work.

GNW: As you may or may not know, the current notary fee is $5 per notarization. That’s what I quote to whenever I I perform general notary work. I call it my notary fee. Then I tack on my travel fee which is based on distance. My lowest travel fee is $25 and it goes up.

NSA: There’s a lot to consider when setting your signing agent fees. There are notaries in our state who routinely accept less than $100 for closings. As for me, I don’t get involved in what others charge. I just try to be fair to my customers and to myself.

I have also heard of a few Alabama notaries who charge by the hour. I didn’t ask for specific details as to how that works but I found it interesting.

So…my only suggestion to you is to make sure that the notary fee that you charge does not exceed the state approved rate.

PS: If you spend anytime on Facebook, check out Notaries for Alabama Hangout. It’s a room dedicated to Alabama notary concerns. You’ll get more feedback from other notaries. I hope this helps.

@Arichter, never less than $100 is not necessarily true, or even accurate.

For example, I was offered a 7 page signing 2 minutes from my house for $75. All I had to do was fax back the 7 pages, no FedEx. Should I have turned this down? Well, I didn’t and it took me 15 minutes tops, and I was paid in less than 2 weeks. That’s a good company and good profit.

One company who keeps me well employed and pays about every 2 weeks charges a base rate of $90 for most loan types. I take them if they are in my city (Clearlake, CA), or in my county. I don’t take them outside of my county at all because it would be a loss for me. The profit is smaller, but it’s still a profit, and I enjoy working for this company.

Most other offers are for $XXX and up, and I know I can always counter.

However, I agree that what works for one person may not work for another.

@graccy, find what works for you and look at all the variables. I described a few situations above. I think the most important things is to research and vet every single company that offers you an assignment or who you want to work with. You can search at this forum, go to Notary Rotary and sign up for free and search Signing Central and the forums there, and do a general internet search. Make sure you work for companies that have a reputation for paying their notaries and figure out your fee so that you will profit from your business. I gave an example above of where I accept less than $100.

There are (few) exceptions to every ‘rule’. Of course, sometimes a lesser fee does work out, but, when you’re talking loan signings, $100 is better than $90…and volume only works for SS, not for NSA. Susan, you’re very new at this and simply *don’t know what you don’t know. With every influx of new NSAs, every SS knows to give 'em a chance because they know they can offer less than an experienced NSA will accept. Your $90 used to be $125, while TC fees have increased and our costs have also increased. Wait until they start offering the next newbie $80 and you’ll begin to understand the business from my perspective. Actually, with your background, you WERE experienced going in, but accept newbie fees because you *

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