New to Title Companies

I am not new to the closing industry, but my experience is through a mortgage company which I was employed. I have been a Notary for a while, and basically working for signing services. We all know how that can be. Can anyone give me suggestions as to how to get work from Title Co.s? I have signed up with quite a few but not much work yet. What am I missing? Much appreciated!

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Hi Camil, I just went to their sites to sign up. Here is a couple: Old Republic Title and Timios(title) I love working for them - pay good and on time.

I would send a professional resume to prospective title customers. Direct it to the escrow or closing manager. It should show that you have experience and a solid track record with signings. They are most concerned with quality control and adherence to written instructions. You have to step up your game a little with quality checks. They normally won’t call you again if you make errors. They certainly are the best customers to have.

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This is all find and dandy, but what about new Signing Agents who do not have much experience in the field? We have to start somewhere, in order to gain the necessary experience.