Newbie to the notary world

Hello everyone I’m new to the notary world I started last year and I’m still doubting getting into this I have not received any signings yet, I have everything that’s needed and more, does anyone know how long it takes to start receiving jobs on notary cafe??

Who have you signed up with so far?
the time frame is different for everyone some get assignments the same day they sign up others won’t it depends on the notaries in your area.
It also tends to rely on the address you input for signings in that area so you may adjust your address and see if that makes a difference if you have another address you can use

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this site isn’t a site for assignment offers.

Please make an account with snapdocs and signing

these will send you text messages for jobs that are in your area.
if the job is worth you time based on time/pay accept the job right away asap, you will know in 15 mins or more if they pick up or not

please make sure you upload all your credentials for your clients

examples if you upload all your docs to snapdocs you will become snapdocs verified, which makes more job alerts come to you.

notary commission
e and o insurance
drivers license
W9 form
NNA cert
signing agent profile printout

I get most of my jobs from these sites

  • atleast 2 day with job offers text messages