Nexsys Clear Sign eclosing platform

One of my customers is moving to this platform. Have any notaries here had any experience with this platform?

Amrock uses it, and I’ve done a few hybrid signings with it. It’s easy. :grin:

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What is the fee for Nexsys? It’s a monthly fee, right?

Platform fees are paid by title company

Can you tell me if there’s any practice place for this to do a mock signing? And does the platform automatically add your digital certificate? I received my certificate and the test said it was done but how can I trust it will it be added to the actual document?

If you log in to the platform, then on the top right click your name and then “My Account” it will show if your stamp is “active” (green) and your digital certificate is “active” green with a checkmark. There is no practice area, but sometimes the companies that hire you to sign on that platform will set up a mock transaction with you. Not always, however.

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Where are you at? And are you seeing increase in RON closing lately?

I’m in Idaho, and no not locally and not on Nexsys, but yes nationally on other platforms.

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Thank you for that info!

Ok mine says Active and I can see my stamp. So they have it saved in their system and when it is time to stamp it automates for you to place it?