Nice puppy... and there goes my shoe

And one more reason to ask borrowers to put their dogs in another room.

I like dogs and in general have no issues with them in the same room as the signing. This borrower had a sweet mini poodle, barely a year old, who leaned on my leg as soon as I sat down and seemed to be watching the proceedings with considerable interest.

We were just finishing when I suddenly felt my foot get very warm. Then the odor hit me. I looked down and found my foot in a puddle of yellow. A glance at the outside of my leg, which was beginning to feel quite damp, told me that the dog had apparently marked me as his very own.

Rolled up the pants leg, squished to my car, took off my shoe before I climbed in and headed for home, thanking my stars that it was a slow day and I had time to shower and change.


Yikes :scream:, put the animals away please.

I say that I have allergies and ask that they put dogs in another room.

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