NNA 2018 Conference in Las Vegas

Has anyone been to one of the conferences and if so was it worth going?

This is going to be my 1st one…But, from what I have heard it is well worth the cost.

i WAS TO ONE IN lAS vEGAS IN 2005, IT WAS INTERESTING MANY DIFFERENT SEMINARS BUT EACH ONE COST MONEY, it was a good experience but would have been better if iI went with someone and not alone.
I don’t know ifI would go again, the cost are high and if there I am not making money.

I haven’t been to a conference, interested in the current comments. Each year I check it out but honestly, to expensive for me and I don’t have a need or desire to meet notaries that would not be from my area.

The 2018 Conference will be 4th Conference that I’ve attended. I’ve been a CNSA since 2006 with an established notary business. From a professional and personal standpoint, I feel that attending this event is a “must do”. Why? I always learn something new that helps my business and helps me be a better notary.

Yes, it does cost a lot of money. If you can afford to go, I say go.

I will say this. I’ve met other notaries - those who are not signing agents or business owners. Two of them said to me that they wished that there had been more workshops geared to their interests.

I hope this helps.

We are going to Las Vegas in June for the conference – first one for Have Notary Will Travel – it will be fun!

Well I am is kind of late but I’m thinking about going. I know I will pay the higher fees. It sounds like it would be very informative