NNA certified signing agent

Can anyone please advise me is it really necessary to renew my NNA certification?

It depends on who you are working for. A lot of the title companies I work for require it.

I think only you can answer that:

  1. Are you getting sufficient calls as a result of your listing there?
  2. Are you getting sufficient calls because you’re certified through them?

I think the answer to those two questions will help solve your dilemma.

Good Luck


A background check thru an ‘approved’ co. is all hiring party really wants. NNA won’t do that without the Certification.
Now ask yourself ‘what LindaH said’.

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Thank you all. This is helpful.

There are quite a few companies that require it. If you want to maximize your clientele, it’d be advisable. If you already have enough clients and they don’t require it, then don’t worry about it. I certify every year, but there was a little confusion last year because I had prepaid the year before and was told I was good. They didn’t tell me I still had to take the quiz and pass, so my certification had expired. I was told by some new clients that they couldn’t work regularly with me until I became current on the certification.

If you are an independent working for several people, yes. Just to be on the safe side keep your certification current. Check with the companies you are working with as well as your Secretary of State.