NNA Continuing education course

Does anyone know, or have experience with, the recent email sent out by NNA for this continuing notary course that will up your status for more signings? The cost is $35 and it appears on the surface (trid training, rehash of notary guidelines, etc) , that it is just another way to get us to part ways with our $$$…any suggestions are appreciated
Eric R

imho, NO. Before you spend anything with that outfit, do several searches a day in your zip for a couple days running and you’ll see just how horribly randomized their search really is.

I let my subscription lapse, I updated in May of this year (before the lapse) with my new info. I checked on their site to upload a new DL recently and found out I can no longer access my signingagent.com profile and it had everything expired. I left them a message and my info was re-updated, but I cannot access my profile without paying for NNA Membership.

I do get the NNA certification each year and use them for the BGC. So I will probably have to pay membership in 2019.

I don’t see what you could possible gain by taking a refresher course, when you have to take the test every year to qualify for certification anyway. Looks like another way to get $$ from you, as this annual renewal of certification was their (SPW) idea anyway - already costing us a lot of money.

Notary2Pro also gives you certification, and once you pass their course, you do not need to recertify annually. If a company asks for updated certification, you email N2P and they will send you something. They also have mentoring, and a list of preferred companies to work with, that accept their certification, that is available to all N2P graduates, as well as monthly newsletters, special training like TRID, etc. It is well worth every dollar you spend on this training. They added a list of cooperating vendors as well for other training (eg. I9) I suggest you check this out before acting on any of the NNA training.

Not sure any type of formal (paid) training is the answer in this market. The only “status” that seems relevant is Available and Under Paid OK. Not saying not to invest in yourself… but the Backbone of the profession is not supported by special skill. I mean, will a “rehash of notary guidelines” help you to differentiate yourself from a notary looking for a fast $50 that’s morphed into $15 (maybe within 45-60 days)? Might not a marketing course Or an industry which recognizes a specialized skill set be best in leaner times?

Don’t waste your money. YOU are their customer, when you buy services and product, thats how they make money.
All you need to do with the NNA is the Background check & included notary exam and certification, this gets you on SigningAgent.com (Don’t pay for the membership)This site is used by all the bid title and signing companies to see if your background & cert. is current.

Pay for nothing else from them or another listing company.


signing agent.com was originally started by a girl in Colorado. Competition to the NNA. And the NNA bought them out. The NNA didn’t like the competition. The NNA is in it for the money…not the notary.

Interesting info! I had an issue recently. I updated my certification/BGC with NNA in May. I did notice I wasn’t receiving all the calls I did last year, but I was busy, so I didn’t look into it. I had to renew my DL, so when I went to log into signingagent.com, I found out all my info stated it was expired!!! I immediately contacted NNA and they told me my membership wasn’t renewed. I immediately requested that they repost the correct information, as I was a valid member at the time of my renewal. They did so immediately. Now I have to contact all those companies and send them a print copy of my profile so they see I am once again conforming.