NNA E&O , Bond

Hello everyone,
I’m insured with the NNA.
However I’m not able to find the copy for the E&O or Bonding.
Does anyone know how to upload the file or locate them for sharing?
Thanks a million have a wonderful Sunday.

If you got your Bond and E&O through them they should have it on file and it should automatically go to your profile there (at least it used to)

I would write to them and ask them for a copy of your E&O for your files, at the very least. When I renew my commission I go through an outside company and never see the bond that is filed with the state - they take care of filing the app and bond and I never see it; my E&O, on the other hand, I buy through Notary Rotary and always get a copy of my policy emailed to me

I do know that, in the past, if you did not get your Bond and E&O through NNA, they will not list that policy as you didn’t get it through them - at least that’s how it used to be - maye they’ve changed that practice, I don’t know. I haven’t been a member in years

NNA does now show that you have ‘non-NNA E&O’. I haven’t been a member for years, but can still get their BGC, which does include the Certification test that you may or may not want to do–as it seems nobody really gives a hoot about it (& a worthless directory listing) for $69. But you really have to search it out.

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Probably they emailed you a copy, and never again you get to see it, though it reads in your record that you are E&O insured and bonded (if the last one is required by your state or you just chose to buy it).
Agreed with Linda, if you can’t find in your mail inbox or spam, then give them a call and request it again. Good luck :+1:

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From my experience, when you purchase the insurance (can’t speak for the bond bc it’s not required in my state), they send you a secure link within ~24 hours. You then have to download your policy and save it to your files. The link expires in 7 days. The first time, I received my email, but I didn’t open it, just tagged it for future reference and then, of course :woman_facepalming: when I went to download, it had expired. But I just called them and they send another link right away. Just call them in the morning and they’ll help you out.