NNA NSA Certificate of Completion Location


I would like to have some kind of certificate showing I’ve completed the NNA NSA training course but when I completed the course all it said was that my information would be posted onto singingagent.com. Still cannot find any printable certificate so any help would be appreciated.


As far as I know they no longer give a printable certificate (they did YEARS ago, but they stopped the practice).
You can try contacting the NNA directly to see if they are willing to send you something.

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Upon successful completion, they will send you a link to your profile. Doubt they will do more than that, but hiring parties do know that your NNA profile will have the info they require. Same with the BGC.

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I agree with klewis31975. I’m not a big fan of NNA, but I think this is one of the few things they did right. If an individual obtained a copy of any NNA certificate for anyone, they could alter the name and/or expiration date and pretend to have passed the NNA certification. Much better to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. But some signing services have been reluctant to adapt to the NNA’s new policy.

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All you need to do is PDF the page from your signingagent.com profile page as it lists your NNA certification dates and SS will accept that as proof.


Actually, there is no print certificates for the NSA exam. Want you are certified in their system than the other signing service companies can easily find you.