I am having a hard time with test, printed out all information has anyone else had a problem? Can you help? not seeming to find the answers in their “open” book test ?

I Did not have the book, just the Code of Conduct information.

I’ve taken the test every year since 2007 and passed it every time with a 90% or higher (I just took it in March and I got 42 out of 45 right for 93.33%). The majority of the answers are found in the Notary Signing Agent Code of Conduct. When you begin the test this document will come up first, you can download it and look through it for answers while you are taking the test. If you are already familiar with mortgage documents (ie what information is found on the Closing Disclosure / Note / Deed of Trust etc) you should be able to answer most of the other questions with no problem.
If you cannot pass the test with this information then you may need to pay the extra money to take the NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent Online Training Course and get the NNA Notary Signing Agent Certification Study Guide.

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Pay for the refresher course, print the guide, and save it to use next year - then you won’t need the refresher course again.