NNA signingagent.com website

Hi folks,
I was wondering if any if you got signings through the NNA’s signingagent.com website.
Thought I’d rather ask before paying $69.
Thanks in advance

None, but their background check is accepted by all (due to heavy lobbying from them). You do NOT need to be a member to get the BGC, which includes a listing in their worthless randomized directory.

I paid for annual NNA membership and got free listing on signing agent.com for a year. The majority of my assignments come through them. I also got free annual background check when I completed NNA Signing Agent training update this year.

I’ve gotten quite a few signings with my SigningAgent.com listing. It’s definitely worth it for me. I’ve had people say they found me there. It seems more often a title company than a “signing” company will check the NNA Signingagent listing, which can mean better pay. I think that I am the only Signing Agent they have listed in my zipcode (which covers a lot of area), so maybe that helps? I’d suggest giving it a try for a year and only renew if it has helped.

I love working with Amrock and Signature Closers is good, too. If you can connect with either of them it would be helpful. I recently started working with Snapdocs, and so far they seem fine - they send a lot of low offers but will pay more if they have too. Being in an area without a lot of competition is helpful for me, but it seems that I still get many requests that are way too low, maybe 90% of them are too low, but I always ask for more and sometimes I get it. I don’t go far (40-60 miles) unless the pay is really good and I have spare time. I started doing this 20 years ago in another state and things have gotten so much better. No more waiting around for late delivery of docs via FedEx or UPS. No more $50-$75 signings. And there are many more available signings now. I love doing this and the flexibility of controlling my own schedule.


Thanks for the generous contributions folks. I think I may wanna give it a shot. I am not interested in the other benefits of their membership and I am not a magazine guy … just need to work.

I have also gotten work for my listing and there is plenty of competition in my area. The request are usually coming from title companies out of state or small title companies in state but far from my area. I don’t recall ever having a signing service call me directly, but I’ve been doing this a long time. For me, it has been worth it. Hope that helps!

The signingagent.com website is useless to me. They cannot seem to get my location right. I test it was various searches, and I am not even shown in nearby towns when notaries farther away are shown. I’ve called them several times, and they said they would work on it. I have gotten several calls for signings 200+ miles away, and when I ask the caller where they got my contact info, they said signingagent.com. They say it shows you are 25 miles from their location. I agree it’s a worthless directory.

So, I called them and asked s guy would I get priority listing if I opt to be a member? The answer was clear “it won’t bring your listing up. Only if you get through our training program, then your name will show up the list of notaries in your area. Would you like to register for our training?”.
Nah, I’d rather spend this $175 on myself. Life is the best trainer :smirk:

I moved back to Florida a year ago, and have asked them to change my location, I’ve also went and changed it myself. However, it keeps defaulting back to Alaska…very frustrating.

That directory lists the least experienced first (as long as they’ve paid maximum amount possible) and it’s still in a randomized order, so it does make it hard for searchers…except for those looking to find a desperate newb wanting to get experience. It is a good (term used loosely) place for a newb…for a brief period of time before you get pushed down the list as others newbs come into the field. It’s also reasonable to get more opportunities when you’re not in a ‘notary over-saturated’ area. They are VERY unresponsive to doing anything with their list to make it better.