No Airbill (return label) provided

Has anyone ever had a problem getting a signing company to send you a pre-printed Airbill? I received an order the other day for a single document signing appointment. When I received the emailed document there was no return label with it so I called Title to see if they were requesting a drop off in person or a scan back instead. They thanked me for asking but said to over night it was just fine and that the signing company had their information and could send me the Fed Ex return label. So I emailed the signing company and requested an air bill. Instead of sending it to me they gave me the Title Company contact information and account number to bill the shipment to. For me, there are several reasons I don’t like to produce the Air Bill myself. 1. If there is any error in the account number to be billed, my account will be billed instead and good luck collecting on that! 2. I don’t want the added risk of copying 3rd party information that can be transposed and blamed on me and 3. I’m already running around all over town as it is and creating an Airbill on my phone to print on the spot at FedEx is time consuming. I politely emailed the signing company this “Can you please go online and produce an AirBill?” They never responded so 3 hours later I called them and the coordinator complained to me they do it like this all the time and the notaries take care of it without question. Is this true? Am I being the difficult one here?

Probably. Notaries used to handwrite the airbill using only ‘bill to’ Acct. # provided. I do prefer the label to be included w/docs and don’t see prior practice hardly ever any more. How to do this: Not hard…next time you drop a pkg in a dropbox, lift the lid and grab a few labels and ONLY use those when this happens as those labels are not ‘associated’ with you in any way and you write in the shipper with same info as receiver and you will never be billed. Never order those labels from FedUPS because then they can associate the tracking # with you.

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