No docs and no response

Got assigned to do a refi on Thursday but due to inclement weather the borrower requested we change the appointment to Saturday. Call SS and they approve the schedule change, no problem. Come Saturday I have no docs, no response, and I have to call borrower to inform that we will need to reschedule for Monday (today). I call the SS this morning they respond and say lender wants to move appt to tomorrow. I call borrower and confirm only to have the SS call and say change it back to today. Now it’s 30 min away from the appt and still no docs and no response from anyone. What am I even supposed to do at this point?

Wow… that sounds like a mess! Your’e done everything that you can do. Just make sure to document your attempts to make this signing work. If they’re paying a good rate and you want to do the signing, keep trying. If not, don’t feel bad for asking them to reassign. Sometimes it’s really not worth the hassle when things are so disorganized like this!

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If a company is BSing about docs, and it’s not a last min signing I accepted. I just email them and say please reassign and keep it moving. That company is making you look bad going there late, especially if you’re trying to build your business and do general notary work also. Trust me you will get more work.

Usually SS are not permitted to reschedule signings on their own. This needs lender approval, ESPECIALLY on a REFI because it messes with the dates on the rescission period. I would say if it is interfering with your other assignments, to tell them they need to reassign to someone else.