No documents

I have a signing in 30 minutes and have no documents and no answers. I have emailed a few times they do respond they are “checking status” and the clock keeps ticking. It’s clear I will not be going to this appointment as scheduled now and unfortunately I turned a few others down for this. What should I do now? Should I have the signer contact his lender ?

Hello! I’m beginner as well and had a similar issue. I reached out to the SS that assigned it and the loan officer listed in Snapdocs. They eventually got them to me but I had to reach out to both.

It’s a “situation” where you’re going to see yourself in it from time to time. What I do is if within 3 or 2 hrs frame if I haven’t received documents to print, I call and let the hiring party know if I don’t get it within 1.5 or 2 hrs then I have to cancel them, since that jeopardizes my other appointments. I tell them to look for someone else. Just remember that Signing Services are usually not responsible for the uploading of the documents, but TCs (Title Companies) or escrows.

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Agree. Contact your client and give them a specific deadline time - “I must have docs by no later than 1 pm today to complete this assignment.” Do not leave them guessing.

Your client will then be able to tell THEIR client (the escrow firm/lender) an exact deadline that must be kept, or they will lose the notary.

Be aware that you will generally receive docs pretty close to exactly on that deadline or 10-15 minutes after, so give yourself a small cushion.

Never allow late docs to cost you a timely arrival to following appointments. Tell the signing company you will have to reschedule for a later time the same day (if you have another time available). With their approval, call the borrower and explain the circumstances, then arrange the later time.

In this way, you do not lose the signing altogether and you make a good impression as a skillful cooperative professional on your client.

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