No green screen?

Is anyone here doing RON work utilizing the Xsplit Vcam software? Apparently its software to give the effects of using a green screen without the actual green screen. My work desk is in my basement and not a very flattering area and I’d like to change my background behind me. Its advertised to work with all video conference services like zoom and facebook messenger.

Ask your RON platform provider… and please post their answer as I’m sure you aren’t the only person with a ‘less than perfect’ home-office setting. Sudden thought: If WE can utilize this, what’s to say that a signer couldn’t disguise their ‘hoarder home’ with a nice background?

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Im new ro RON so still waiting on my camera to get here. I do believe Nexsys has practice sessions ill try it on and get back to you all.

I purchased a Web Around from Amazon that pops open and attaches to my desk chair. They come in blue, green, and grey. I purchased the grey. Here’s the link:

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Or, you could utilize a room divider . . .

Search the web for " Room Divider 6FT Wall Divider Wood Screen 4 Panels Wood Mesh Hand-Woven Design" to see an example of one.

Just stand it up behind you/your office chair to “screen” out all superfluous items in the background to a clean, professional image. :owl:

Here is the image: