No! - Parrot Digital Reporter Team

Last week I was solicited, by email, to do work for Parrot Digital Reporter Team. Today, we met via Zoom, for an interview.

My interviewer advised me they will need a copy of my notary stamp on a blank page to prove I’m a Notary Public.

I responded saying “That is a serious violation of Notarial Law and I would not do that. If you want to confirm my Notarial Commission that can be done through the Colorado SOS website.”

The Zoom meeting was abruptly terminated because I would not comply with their request/demand.

During the interview, I learned that as a notary that I would be administering verbal oaths via Zoom.

Zoom is not an approved platform for Notarial Ceremonies in Colorado.


Good for you sticking to your guns. I would have the same responses as you here in FL…no stamp on plain paper (look it up - I’d even give them the website) … and no zoom notarizations.

Bravo! And thanks for the warning about this outfit


Thanks for the heads up!

I wonder if they actually get a Notary to do this? And who is paying for the funding of this type of scam…

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Guy, thank you very much for bringing it to everyone’s attention here in Notary Cafe. You were very smart to nip that in the bud.

Looks like Parrot is trying to circumvent paying for an actual COURT REPORTER.

In my state (Washington) notaries are PROHIBITED from providing court reporting services. I can’t think of any state that would allow a notary public to do the work of a court reporter.

Good for you for refusing to provide them a copy of your notary stamp. Why on earth would they do that? It is a license that proves you are a commissioned notary. This is a very bizarre request. The people who fall for this are the NEW or untrained, inexperienced, and/or careless notaries who don’t know their own state’s rules. They don’t know what they don’t know. Someone makes a request and they just blindly do it.

I found a link to a similar position, paying only $25/hour. What a rip. Parrot - Digital Reporter

Is this what they were asking you to do?


I too was approached by them but did not proceed beyond the initial email because the job is 9 - 5 and I already have a day gig. Thanks for sharing this intel though as I had earmarked them for the case that I lost my day job!

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So two weeks ago I was offered the Digital Reporter position and I accepted and started training and just now seeing this i took a picture of my stamp but not stamped just of the physical stamp. How bad is this? I just emailed them and said NO I cant go forward but, I haven’t herd anything yet. Please just tell me I am going to be ok cause I haven’t actually stated with them.

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It’s such a shame that folks are trying to take advantage of honest hardworking people. It’s great to hear how you handled it.

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No difference…and you should never provide a copy of your stamp … Your stamp should only be applied to a notarial certificate. If they want proof you are a valid commissioned notary, they can check with your SOS.


So can I loose my commission or get in trouble :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Check your state notary statutes or check with your SOS

The bigger hazard is a rouge player applying your stamp to documents you didn’t notarize.

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Can you report them to the Attorney General of your state?

WOW. Imagine the novice notary who will do it! That’s the scary part… Good for you for refusing!