No payment

Besides A Step Above, I have been waiting since July 30th for a check ASAP Pro Notary. Cannot get .in touch with them. Sent and email on 9/13. They responded that it would be 45 days. Its been 88 days. Has anyone else had issues with them?

Hi barleyrose, I have not worked with this company but have experienced slow pays before. This appears to be a small signing company, so I would first try calling directly (205) 572-0832 to see whether the eCheck has been issued. (Payments are typically issued within 45 days of receiving an invoice.) If it has been issued, I would find out when it would have been emailed to me and be sure to check my spam folder.

I wish you good luck.

A Step Above Signing went out of business thats probably why they are not answering. If I am not mistaken this happen about two months ago.