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I’m having an issue finding a printer. I am a new Signing Agent located in Jacksonville Florida. I have been a Notary since 2011 and did not really work the business. However, I decided to give it another try with loan signings. Anyway, I can not find a dual tray printer. Question : Can a single printer work ? I found a brothers Single printer with fax and scan options priced 366.00 at Staples. Would this be a good ideal if I used an app that would seperate the paper size in PDF for printing . Please advise
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I googled “brother dual tray printer” - found this immediately

With this one you’ll just have to buy a separate scanner, which IMO is better anyway because with MFCs when one component goes they all go. Try ebay? Would probably be cheaper - just read the product description closely to avoid getting rooked.

But yes, your solution of a single tray and a page separator would work find - just take a bit moe time.


I recently got myself a new brother printer from Bonanza, a site similar to Amazon or eBay. It cost me $509 (with discount) with an extra toner. Is dual tray and monochrome, exactly what’s needed for this kind of business.

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This is the one I have but I’m really new too

Welcome to the industry Verdell.

Now then…yes you can absolutely do things without a dual tray printer, however, you will lose time, be my less efficient for you and things will quickly become frustrating. Take advantage of Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday. You will not find the best deals for you at Staples or Office Depot. Also when shopping look at print speeds, because this will absolutely matter in the long run.

Good luck…

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:+1: :+1: Could not agree more. Yes, we all have to the best with what we have in the beginning. But OMG yes, the TIME SAVED and FRUSTRATION AVOIDED by having a dual tray laser printer!

I could never go back to a single tray. Totally worth the expense. I bought my printer online from B&H in NYC.

I tried to get that Brother model, HL-L6200DWT, but every site I went to was the same answer, “not any at this moment, BACK ORDER”… then I went to brother’s site and is discontinued. I ended up getting a newer and similar model, HL-L6400DWT

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Perfect! Let me know how you like it. :+1:

Verdell, my advice is to go to a (several) copier sales places and ask about used equipment. For years I swore by Canon but our local dealer turned into a sh*t heads so I moved on. They really did me a favor by sending me into the open arms of HP business copier people. To be clear, these are large office machines that normally sell for thousands of dollars. The last two I purchased were less then $500. each and they are amazing machines that cost pennies to operate.


I bought the Brother DWT4600 5 years ago when I got into the business. Been a great tool. Took me awhile to set up so it can print according to paper size. Good luck


Try Facebook market Place