No Work from Notarize On Demand - Seeking Advice

I need your help. I’ve been trying out “Notarize On Demand” based on the positive reviews, but I haven’t received any work yet. Any tips or experiences to share?

Even though they promise to give you clients, it sounds like you might have to find your own.
Also I noticed it says that they give you clients “within your notarized state” only

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Okay thank you for your insight!

Do you have any tips on finding clients for RON? (either in my state or nationwide)

Are you on snapdocs ?

Yes I am on all signing service platforms!

When you say, “Notarize on Demand,” are you referring to “Open Calls?” That is, where you await an alert and it comes up on your dashboard? I’ve never been able to catch an Open call in over a year of trying. I think part of the problem is “technical” in nature. I was told the “server” that sends out the alerts is based in Boston, Ma. Not sure, but that’s what I was told. If that’s the case, then I’d imagine that the alert net packet takes a bit more time to get to Tampa Bay FL, than it does to Mass, or NY, NJ, etc. etc. It does have to go through a few extra hops to get down here. Even though we are talking “milliseconds,” by the time it reaches me, down here, it’s more than likely taken by others that live/work closer to the server. Furthermore, some Notaries using Notarize use software that “autoresponds” to the alerts and much faster than one could do so manually. It is against Notarize policy and anyone caught doing so is more than likely to be kicked off the platform. Problem is, how do you catch them and prove they were using the software?

Use caution with the services that offer “Open calls.” for clients. You are more than likely not to get them.They want you to bring clients to their platform, not the other way around. Now, that said, you might just catch a call at a time when there aren’t that many Notaries on duty. or if the number of alerts is much higher at a given moment. One might need to be a bit more “flexible” when it comes to your on-line availability time (overnight, 2-3am etc.).

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It’s true that catching a signing on Notarize on Demand is slow right now. It is a two-fold issue. Just before the Feds raised the rates this year, Notarize added another state to their on demand to handle what they thought was going to be a need because of increased business in the real estate industry as well as increased business in individual signers. Once the rates went up, the real estate side was packed with too many notaries because of the lack of real estate business. That left everyone to scramble over the rest of the calls coming in. I have been on Notarize since 2020 and I know from the last drop in real estate business when rates were raised in 2008 that this was going to take a hit, even though I am in one of the 5 states Notarize uses for their On Demand business. I am weathering the storm though because they have allowed us to bring our own transactions to the platform and I have former real estate customers who have approached me about doing RON. By the way, Notarize has said they monitor the system for the programs that auto-receive the calls and will terminate someone if they are caught using one.

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