Non Payment and no Communication from JOT

The JOT platform is alledgedly part of First American Title. When FirstAm got hacked last month, the JOT platform went down too, and Signing fees due on closed signings, prior to and during the week of the hack have ceased to be sent. JOT has stopped answering the phone, and is not returning emails other than automated ones redirecting you to the FirstAM site which says everything is now back to normal. The Escrow Officers on the files I have not been paid on, are make nothing but excuses … they don’t have any canned answers or suggestions regarding JOT’s status and how we can get paid.

As you know these closed transactions have been recorded, Lenders/Brokers have been paid their fees, accomadation payoffs are all complete, RE Agents commissions paid, but the Notaries have not been paid because allegedly the $ were sent to JOT (not sure how that would actually be the case if everthing is still shut down at JOT, and JOT being part of FirstAm), and JOT has effectively disappeared for now, with our money, since they will not answer the phone or return emails, and FirstAM has not taken a public postion about this, as far I can tell.

I have asked the Escrow Officers on my files, for a callback from FIrstAm management asap. If I do not hear back soon, then I plan to call FirstAm Corporate next, and if I continue to receive the runaround, then CFPB next…(this is just not another SS gone bad, but rather some “FirstAm identified” subsidary/partner of FirstAm)

Is anyone experiencing this same problem getting paid by JOT and the runarround from FirstAm?, or if anyone has broken through the rhetoric and got paid for JOT signings last month I would love to hear and be advised. (and please refrain from redirecting to the NC search feature for this topic, I searched and did not find one).
Thank you.

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Yes, I experienced the same. I finally got paid this week after the closing date was in the first week of December.


did they pay you direct deposit or a mailed check? My closing was 12/22/23, so I am curious as to how they are planning on rectifying this.

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I’m set up for Direct Deposit. They haven’t offered a plan, JOT phone is still not being answered - JOT is not responding to emails, and my request to the closing escrow officers on my files, for a FirstAm manager to call me back, has been so far, not been accomadated with a call back…

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Two signings first of December for JOT. Was paid yesterday for both.


That is great news! Thank you, maybe they are catching up, but it sure would have been reassuring if they could have sent out a blast email or asked their partner company FirstAM to inform escrow offices, something …
“I still don’t know when you are going to get paid, we can’t reach JOT either” did not create a warm fuzzy feeling for me this week, when I asked politely this week and last …
Thank you again for posting, I sense several people will appreciate it as there have been dozens of reviews of this thread.

Jot is the platform and is owned by Endpoint. It is not owned by First Am. When I reached out to them about problems with the platform functionality, they could answer tech questions. When I mentioned to them about fees dropping since First Am moved from calling me directly, they told me those negotiations are addressed by the First Am branch.
You might consider reaching out to the First Am office instead of Jot since you are not paid by Jot.

Here is the rub on that thought…I have been in contact with FirstAm about this. And Endpoint/Jot states on their corporate voicemail that FirstAm is their “Parent Company” a somewhat universally understood relationship that is not IC or B2B (you generally don’t refer to a Company as “Parent”, unless you are a subsidary, or are trying in a risky manner to overstate the nature of the relationship, IMO). JOT further states in their automated correspondence that we should be getting updates from FirsTAm…add that multiple FirstAm Escrow offices have told me directly, when I asked for clariffication as to what the relationship is, FistAm escrow officers have told me that in no uncertain terms that JOT is their scheduling Platform, part of FirstAm, and that FirstAm is the only Client utilizing the Platform, that the fees will be paid because the fees are coming from FirstAm…I guess some folks at JOT and/or FirstAm or so terribly confused about the relationship, or prefer to keep the real relationship clouded in mystery…with misdirection semantics…fingers seemingly pointed in different directions depending on who you communicate with at JOT and FirstAm.
I read posts that some believe JOT is an independent company, yet others seem to suggest they’ve researched the matter and believe its not the case. I don’t care so much at this point, other than to understand who is going to pay me and when, and go from there to next logical formal steps of contacting FirstAm at a corporate level with a call to their legal department, if not resolved soon.
I had 2 Notaries report to me they just got paid on early December business so fingers crossed.