NON-PAYMENT: Beware Kelley’s Mobile Notary

Hello, I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I need to vent to people who understand! I’m still trying to collect my money from Kelley’s Mobile Notary! They will not answer the phones. I sent three emails and Valerie responded to the last one with some line about getting with accounting. That was last week, so far crickets! I found out the owner’s name, but I don’t see her on social media, other than LinkedIn and I don’t have an account. I sent her a message through Notary Rotary too. I sent a message to company’s Facebook page, called every phone number that I can find and left messages. This infuriated me, not so much the money, but the fact that they called me and talked me into taking the signing for less money, and now I can’t get them to pay me! I’m going to file a claim with the BBB when I get time! Okay I am fully vented.(lol). Have a great day everyone!:heart:

Complain to title - they’ll hate losing a client

Send communication in writing so you have a record - don’t rely on just phone calls and social media (didn’t get the message, changed my profile, old FB page…every excuse). Send certified return receipt and regular mail with copy to title


Thank you! I’m going to reach out to Legal Shield as well.

For me is very satisfiying to still getting checks for older signings that I did as far from March 2022, I understand some SS and Title Companies are having hardships too, so for me I only do signings for agencies that I already know, or I’ve been working before, so far no one has neglecting their payments to me, and I do not pester them about paying me sooner, better late than never…

Kelley’s Mobile Notary is a one and done for me. Eight, yes eight months to get paid. Yes, you read that correctly 8 months to get paid!!!

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@deejaywards Yes, an unprofessional manner that they are managing their Accounts Payable . . .

There is a post by @rparker that you may find instructional/helpful:


I love surprise payments too…I’ve been very fortunate and not had many issues with non payment but I do have one company that takes for everrrrr…I still take signings from them (and there aren’t many anymore!) and forget about it just because it’s always a pleasant surprise to get payment 3 months later. Idk…it’s the little things in life, lol!


This was discussed on a previous thread
Contact info on how to hopefully get paid.

Contact the Title Company and let them know what is going on. I had to do this with another SS. Got paid fast after that. Title companies can’t afford deadbeat SS nor do they want to deal with it .

I had an experience with a signing company in California that didn’t pay me for 5 assignments, (Avanti?) the last one was on Christmas Day. The owner folded and went on to work for another company. I contacted the title companies the work was done for and one of them gave me his new email address to which he never replied. They all said they had paid him and so I had no luck contacting them other than to log a complaint. In the end, those lost fees are write offs.

Good Morning . . . Sharing @deejaywards FINAL experience with Kelley’s Mobile Notary (created on a new thread on the Notary Cafe forum):


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