Non Payment by My Mobile Closer

I was contacted by My Mobile Closer (Dj) via phone call in October 2023. She was very nice said they have a closing in Texas but one of the clients lived in Georgia. Not a problem, I checked them out on here and saw the horror stories about the company and warnings not to do business with them, but I gave them a chance that maybe, just maybe they would do better. Ah nope, I have yet to be paid. I’ve sent late notice invoices, called and spoke with DJ, called and left messages…nothing. I pay for legal services and so will be putting this to my legal team for legal action. I thank those that put the warning out there about this company, I just thought maybe they would do better. The part that hurt me the most was I handled their business professionally, got them their cashier’s check from the signing for 70K next day, and they couldn’t pay me my fee. Don’t do business with them or less you plan on fighting for your money.


@ExecSig Thank You for your thread.

I value your complete & total candor with which you drafted & posted.

It’s regrettable that you’re experiencing non-payment, but you’re managing everything professionally & efficiently. Congratulations, thus far. Wishing you great success in this effort & with your other business ventures. :clinking_glasses::champagne:


I also greatly appreciate you performing a Search of the Notary Cafe database (a true goldmine) prior to evaluating the risk & subsequently accepting the Signing Order from this business entity. Kudos on your due diligence! :trophy:


Thanks for this warning. I got a text and voicemail from her for a $125 signing, which is most offered in a while. Then I saw your post and replied, “nope sorry I just read your bad reviews and I’m out”. No wonder they offered 125, no intention to pay it likely


You saved yourself a big headache dealing with them.

UPDATE…great news I received a check in the mail from My Mobile Closer, for full payment. What I did was send a final invoice with a late notice banner to the contract company and My Mobile Closer (sent to the attention of accouting). The deposit cleared too.