Non payment from Prestiege/Notary Dash-Beware

I have read about people not being paid from prestiege and had not experienced this until last year. I have a few different months where they have not paid me. I have sent a message on notary dash and the response was to send and invoice and contact accounting and they will pay in 37 days. All of that was done and has been done. I got one email stating they will be sending payment and I never received it. No one answers the phone or returns my call. I still get alerts for signings in my area that I refuse to take. They should not be allowed to continue to do this to notaries and should be taken off of the platform to send out orders. Has anyone else experienced this recently?

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My experience with them is that you have to keep following up until they finally pay. Also, don’t even bother sending them a late notice until 60 days have elapsed from the signing, because they won’t respond before then. Their stated terms mean nothing. They pay when they’re good and ready to pay. Having said that, I have been paid for every signing that I’ve ever done for them. Unfortunately, they make you go through a lot of hassle that you shouldn’t have to go through.


I think it’s their platform…and the platform also seems to have a lot of SS names nobody has heard of.

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Thanks so much! I’ll keep sending it. I had seen other posts and reviews regarding this and thought well that hasn’t been my experience…and now here I am…lol…Thanks again!

I actually hadn’t had any bad experiences with the platform and if not paid by someone, which has happened, I’ll reach out and they’ll respond and tell me I didn’t send an invoice or a certain page they wanted back which I think is really unnecessary. They will be so many instructions put out there and we work for so many different people/places it’s easy to overlook those details. You know I did the work just pay me lol. Thanks for responding!

Taking assignments from this company is always concerning. How is it that every other company pays in a reasonable amount of time without the need to send an invoice? 37 days to get paid?! Even on deals that aren’t attached to a real estate transaction. Makes no sense. Other signing services have paid me in a shorter amount of time for deals that I’ve been assigned to after Prestige deals. Don’t get me started on the amount of notifications you receive asking for updates on the signing. It’s overwhelming. God forbid that you have other deals the same day as one of theirs. They act as though they are the only signing service in the industry. As LSS alumni they should do better. I wish Mark didn’t endorse them. Completed several signings for them in 2023 and still have yet to be paid as of February 2024. What makes them so special?

Ridiculous. Why do we need to chase them for payment? It’s so disrespectful.

The short answer is “You don’t”. You can choose not to work for them. That’s what I do most of the time. It’s only when business is really lean that I cave in and take a job from them.

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I totally agree with everything you said. I went so far as to give a review on notary dash, yelp, and now here…I even joined their facebook group and politely asked for someone in accounting to contact me. I have been the most respectful with requesting which at this point should be totally different but I choose to still be professional. The interesting part is that I received an email yesterday morning that I can expect payment by this Friday…we shall see. I believe I’m done with them. The appointments were definitely quick, painless, and easy to fit in my days but I need to get paid for the work in a timely manner. Gas and bills aren’t stopping because I didn’t get paid.

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There are some phenomenal smaller signing services on the Notary Dash platform! And they handle their own payments as well.

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I received payment as of today 2/13. These are missed payments from May and there after which should have been satisfied before now but glad I received it. I don’t like to bash signing services at all just want to be paid for the work I’ve done in a timely manner as most do and to make others aware before they have to encounter this.