Non-Payment Survey regarding Brothers Bilingual Notaries LLC


If you have not been paid for a notary assignment/assignments from Brothers Bilingual Notaries LLC (Glendale, AZ), please complete this short survey. I am curious how widespread this problem is and also if there is any way to convince BBN to pay their contractors.

Thanks! Gwen S. Beisner (certified notary signing agent in Colorado)

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I have not been paid either. I will complete the survey.

Yesterday, I looked up the address for BBN. I went the one in Avondale, AZ (which is it not current) frontage BBB website. I found the police department for that jurisdiction and sent the police an email about my situation. 45 min later, the police called me! Since the address that is linked to BBN’s current phone number wasn’t in their jurisdiction, they couldn’t help me any further. But they did give me that address. I wrote to the police dept for that address. ( Haven’t heard anything from them yet. But then it occurred to me; I should text BBN and let them know that the police were interested.

I wrote
Hi Luis, this is Gwen Beisner from Windsor, CO.

Good news! I talked to the Avondale police about BBN’s bad habit of not paying their notaries. They were quite interested! They gave me the address that is connected to this number and which police department has that jurisdiction. I’ll just keep firing off emails until you pay me the $100 signing fee from June 1, 2023.

And guess what!?! An hour later, I had an email with a scheduled payment (paper check delivery) from Intuit/Melio.

I believe it when I see it, but it’s something.

The information I pieced together is below. Whatever you decide to do please put your own spin on it; don’t just copy what I did. Please don’t use my name when working on getting your payment.

The current phone number I have for BBN is +1 (623) 999-3550.
This is the address I got from my conversation w the Avondale police dept.
8143 W Weldon Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85033.

The two proprietors are Elias and Luis Ocegueda.

I have decided to quit the notary business. BUT, I DONT WANT OTHER NOTARIES TO FALL VICTIM TO THEM! Business practices like this, being expected to go the extra mile after I’ve successfully completed a closing without any extra payment for extra work, lack of simple thank yous for extra care/work….
It’s more than I ever expected. I’m done.

Best wishes notary colleagues. You have my support and admiration. I really admire your thick skin an ability to shake the negatives about the job off!
Hopefully, I’ll find the position where my tender heart and talents will flourish.


Thank you so much. I am out of 100.00 too. Let us know if you ever receive your funds.

I just received a call from Elias O. He said he wanted to touch base and let me know what was happening. Their company had been scammed by a company that took care of notary payments. He apologized and said they are working to get everyone paid. Maybe try calling them again. Eli called me from the number I listed in my previous post. Good luck.

I also received a call from that same number with the same story. WE shall SEE!!! I did send an email and sent something to their local police.

I’m honestly surprised that any police department would get involved in overdue invoices as that is a civil matter. I would not waste our police department’s time and resources on a matter like this.


I received a payment notice that my funds should be received by tomorrow. Again, we SHALL SEE LOL.

Local police departments have a whole department for civil incidents and claims. Again, I will see if I receive my little funds…LOL.

No payment yet for assignment in August, I was assured recently after calls and emails that a check was prepared and sent via Intuit/Melio, but it has been over 1 week and I am local to them and no payment received, so I question the legitimacy of the claim it was sent. I am calling the Title company they alledgedly still work with and advise them. Perhaps BBN should be avoided, boycotted, etc.

I whole heartedly agree.

I received a check for my fee from BBN last Friday for the closing on 06/01/2023.

Before contacting the police 2 weeks ago, I had talked to Signing Order asking them to not allow BBN to use their service since they do not consistently pay their notaries. Nothing became of that. The person I spoke with said they may require BBN to use Notary Pay so that they can track that the assignment fees are being paid. ( I truly don’t think that happened.) I talked to the title company that handled my assignment. I asked them not to hire BBN for notary services. I think it fell on deaf ears. The woman I spoke with did provide me with a working number for BBN. She assured me the title company had paid BBN quickly after loan was processed so I should be able to insist BBN pay me.

I toyed with the idea of going to BBN’s office in Phoenix. (I have flight benefits because my son is a commercial pilot.) Even, with the cheaper airfare, I would spend more than the assignment was supposed to pay and with no assurance that meeting them in person (if they answer the door) would result in being paid. I do not think they have an office outside a home. The look on their faces might have been priceless though.

Good luck Bruce!

So Linda-FL,

Avoiding paying your contractors is only a civil matter? That is against the law. Maybe you make so much money as a notary that $100 is not an issue for you, but for me and other notaries, $100 is groceries or part of a utility bill… I had emailed the police dept. that ended up calling me back. They chose to call.

I understand that law enforcement is overwhelmed. If questions of ways to resolve a situation are not asked, any info or help cannot be given. They could have not replied, or a quick email to say sorry, the police can’t help with this. I guess they had 5 minutes to spare for a quick conversation. My brother is in law enforcement and I have the utmost respect for them and appreciation for what they do.

You have every right to express your opinion. However, I found your response to be judgmental and rude for trying out of the ordinary ideas to get my fee paid. When I post something on a forum, I’m looking to help or support my colleagues not criticize them.

Hi dove,

I finally did receive a check in the mail from BBN. I got my issue taken care of, but I wish I could have helped others get their payments too. Please post “when” you get your check.

Well, thank you…because that’s all I did.

I received mine as well. Issue resolved…way to go for us staying on top of it :slight_smile: