Notar Stars

Can someone please tell me how does Notary Stars work?.. I searched in their website and they have fees just for being enrolled. What’s the benefit?
Inputs welcome… Thank you :blush:

Don’t ever pay to play. You may never recoup your investment.

I only became Pro on Notary Cafe after a signing service found my information on the site. Notary Cafe has generated enough business for me to justify a Pro membership.

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That’s exactly my feeling! Why pay others to benefit from my hard earned money. There are plenty of platforms, title companies and escrows where you can send your information… plzzz! Give me a break :roll_eyes:


Here’s my take on Notary stars they have tons of information and very good info at that, however I signed up for the paid listing 25 bucks and i started receiving a few job offers here and there but as soon as I downgraded to the free listing, crickets I mean literally nothing. Not sure what to think about that but for me if you are sending me job offers because im paying you, no thanks aside from that they have a lot to offer just not gonna pay to have you send me orders.

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I absolutely love Notary Stars! They provide a plethora of information on multiple types of signings and provide very detailed guided training!