Notarial Books

What types of Notary books do all you have?
I had a client show me the type of book she had for her notary recordings. For every customer she notarized and records in her book there is a section/box with several options to check off for different documents she notarized for that one person and she don’t need to write every individual document separately. The customers only signs one line and not 10 or 20 lines. Which saves space snd time in the notary recordings. I hope you understand what I mean.

I have heard of the type of notarial journal you are talking about. I believe it’s from Notary Rotary. I live in CA, I have been told I am unable to use it due to CA needing individual signatures per document. (I asked the NNA hot line since I have membership with the NNA). I think the journal is genius and I wish I was able to use it. If your state allows it then I say go for it. Anything to save time equals more money for you!

It’s my understand that the MOJO sold by NotRot was approved by the CA SOS when it was first developed, so CA notaries can use it but must itemize each document rather than check multiple docs in each entry - so you will have individual lines for each document…

I do the same… one signature for multiple signings (if same date and time)

I have that book and it’s great! Contact me for information.

Hi Karen, where did you purchase?

They sell them on Amazon “Modern Journal of Notarial Events”. I have the Soft Cover one.

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