Notaries, always negotiate!

Notaries, you must negotiate especially in the winter time. It was snowing today. I negotiated on signings that I already have scheduled. I was able to get $300, $400, $400, $254, $210,$190. No scan back, 3 traditional full paper refis, and 3 hybrid refis. If you know me, I am not making this up. :pray:.


It’s snowing here as well (Oklahoma) Be safe out there!

I asked you the same question in a different article, where are you located so you can get these kinds of fees? I’m in Los Angeles, I have 5 star reviews every time and all the time, and I never got these kinds of fees, not even close.

Read my handle again:)

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The sad fact is that there are so many other Notaries who accept whatever has been offered. When someone gets on this forum and pushes the idea that you should get paid for your time and effort, they feel like we are being “disrespectful”. Thank you for supporting the assertive side of this business and I wish you continued success.


it must be that living in CO is so super expensive and less notaries, you are commanding those prices and getting it. If the calibur of the communities you are servicing are in areas where you have little competition, no wonder you get that.

How are you seeing your “five star reviews”? I haven’t a clue as to where to go to see my ratings. Can you direct me, please? I’d sure appreciate that. :star_struck:


I was wondering the same thing. I have seen it mentioned by others as well. Maybe this is company-specific that some people can see their rating?

I’m in Colorado Springs. I would love to know what companies you negotiated with and are able to get those fees from.

I am packing up and moving to CO (JK!). There’s no way I would get those fees here in WA. In fact, I got launched at once because I asked for $300 for a signing and hour and a half away from me and I would need to catch a ferry to get there! They found someone to do it for $125