Notaries Outside U.S. ( Philippines )


My wife and I reside in the state of Florida and are trying to get a Stepparent Adoption: Consent and Waiver by Parent signed and then notarized but it has to be in the Philippines because that’s where the birth father is. Specifically near Marikina, 1800 zip code (suburb of Manila).
The search engine on the Notary Cafe website was great and included Tagalog fluent notaries but no results from the Philippines.

The U.S. Consulate in Manila is an option but involves hours of travel and the nature of the document is not going to bring out the helpful side of my wife’s ex. Can anyone offer even just a suggestion as to where we could look to find what i believe is called a mobile notary? I have googled without success although it did take me here and hopefully that leads somewhere positive. A directory like yours but based on notaries abroad would be ideal.

Side question: I get the impression that each state has it’s own notary license so we would need to find a Florida licensed notary who just happens to be near Manila PHP, available and willing, right?

Thanks for reading.
Michael and Anne Cox

No help here. But most states do not allow a notary to notarize anywhere BUT within the state they reside in, tho’ some states do allow a notary in a border county to obtain a commission for a border state. Which would obviously not apply to the Philippines. The father could most likely just sign the document in front of a notary & get said signature notarized wherever he lives. Then, it might require an Apostille. Google that and Hague Convention as this matter is over my head.
There are Apostille services available most everywhere.

I hope you have a Florida attorney experienced in international adoptions working with you. That lawyer should know how to contact a Philippines notary to do what is needed for the birth father.