Notaries to You Reviews


Has anyone heard of or completed any assignments with “Notaries to You?” If so, what was your experience… pay, customer service, etc.?

Hi, and welcome! I’ve done a couple of signings for Notaries To You, and everything was fine. Fees were decent, and they paid as agreed.

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I like working for them, sometimes they can low ball you but they pay quickly and no invoice is needed. Their website is easy to use and I’ve never had it glitch on me. I’ve done around 20 or so orders for them and they usually send a text message asking for availability. I personally would prefer a phone call just to ask the questions I need to. They are pleasant though.

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Thank you very much for sharing your experiences! I am a new Notary Signing agent with a little over 20 signings completed since March of this year. I would like to stay away from the bad apples as much as possible. :slight_smile: :grinning:

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I will NEVER do work for this company again. The shorten version is this: The first 2 assignments went fine. On the third assignment, the manager and CEO of the company refused to pay me as agreed by e-check. They sent the e-check but would not allow me to print it like the last 2 times. I thought it was some type of mistake, but it was not. For some reason, they really wanted my financial information. They wanted me to direct deposit the check.

I refused because of 2 reasons. First, our agreement was that I would be paid by e-check, not by direct deposit. Second, I did not agree with the direct deposit terms. Notaries to You was using a third party and the third party stated that another unnamed third party would receive my financial information.

Notaries to you owed me $100.00 for the assignment. The managers thought they could treat me in any way and that I would bow down to them. I did no such thing! I tried to settle this amicably but they would not be reasonable so I did just what I told them I would do if they did not pay me.

I contacted the title company and spoke with the senior vice president of the company. I explained to him that Notaries to You had refused to pay me and that I was expecting the title company to pay me for my services since I had done work on its behalf. If I was not paid, I had already resolved that I was going to file a lawsuit out of principle and name the title company as a party to the lawsuit.

Our conversation was very amicable. The conversation took place late Friday afternoon. On Monday morning, Notaries to You contacted me to tell me that they were sending my check by snail mail. It took 206 days for me to receive the $100.00 after I had completed the assignment. The $100.00 was not going to either make or break me. It was about respect.

I want go into the nasty details that I had to endure in between. All I can say is good riddance to them! I want all notaries who may read this to know that you are not helpless. You do not have to be at the mercy of these signing companies with their unreasonable rules. You do have options.

The signing industry needs to be regulated by the government. Until that happens . . . JUST SAY NO to low pay and unreasonable rules!

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This sounds like a nightmare. I have never done any work for them but just got an email saying my profile needs to be updated. I was wondering what they were like. Did you ever work for them after this?