Notaries1 need a feddback

I received a call from Bernie Kerns form Notaries1 the other day. He asked me if I wanted to increase the volume of my business and that unlike signing companies I was going to be working with the clients directly. The fee to sign up to be on his website is $5 a month. I told him I had to think about it and do some searching about his company first but he keeps calling me. I can’t find anything about this company so, can anyone give me a feed back please? Thank you

Never heard of them. Wouldn’t do it.

Many have all said the same thing: “Never pay for a notary/SA listing”.

You’ll never realize any meaningful income from this company/person. What a hoax.

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I’d tell him that I would like to see a few jobs from Notaries1 to see if he can ‘produce’ them. Chances are he will back down by saying you need to ‘pay first’ or something like that.

I tell then I’ll pay their fee after I receive payment for the first signing. You are right, I’ve never gotten a job from any of them.

Sorry. In last post ‘then’ should be ‘that’.

I would not pay anything to any company who says they will get me Signings. I did once, a fee of $39.95 I think it was, for a year. I got absolutely ZERO. I won’t even talk to them now. I politely say “I’m not interested” and hang u p.