Notarize 24/7

I got a call from a guy named “Kenneth” (probably not his real name, because he had a very thick foreign accent) asking me to do a Refi for $75 with scan backs. I countered with $125, and then he literally started berating me for my prices! He insisted they would be sending me volumes of work, so I should come down on my prices. I told him show me the assignments. If they are consistently sending me work, we could maybe revisit fees. I wasn’t about to trust a promise of writing a check his butt couldn’t cash.

When they tell me that they need to get approval for a higher fee and will call me back, I NEVER hear from them again. This happens to me ALL the time now. Not just with Notarize 24/7, but with other signing services, too.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with them?


I have done literally hundreds of signings with Notarize 24/7. I countered the $75 fee with $85 and ever since then I do them all for that price. All of the documents have been straight forward small(ish) packages (hence the lower fee). ALL of their staff is amazing and yes, they do provide a LOT of work once you are signed on with them.


We are not selling merchandise ( i.e. selling pencils- buy a gross and get a dozen free). We are providing and assuring quality service everytime and that is what they are paying for. Volume doesn’t apply in this case. In services, volume isn’t worth to us to give a discount. We are not a flea market. Imagine, if their promise of volume was true ( I learned it was not), is it worth it to run around like a mad man all day when you can make as much doing less for same $ by charging more?
Similar ploy for lower fee: “Things are slow now, so can you do it for $5. or $10. less?”
“Gee Ok, I will tell Office Depot that next time I go in to but supplies I need to do this job and see discount they give me”. Uh Huh., sure. That was my answer to several companies who tried to pull that one on me.