Notarize delays confirming credentials

First, it was, “The state reported that you are not approved for RON”. Well, that was a downright lie, and I have the email DOL sends out every 90 days to confirm my status.

Then it was, “You’ll have to contact them to contact us.” Yeah, like the State of WA is going to do that. DOL sent me an updated and extended affirmation email, which, they tell me, is my proof.

Notarize says “Nope. Not good enough.
We want to hear it from them.”

It’s been nearly a month of waiting.

In the meantime, I am regularly completing RON signings via Nexsys and Pavaso, both of whom accepted DOL’s emailed certification with no question.

A friend of mine got frustrated with this garbage and contacted the CEO of Notarize, Pat Kinsel, via Twitter. 48 hours later, lo and behold, he was fully confirmed and ready to go!

Me, I think if I have to go to the CEO to get problems solved, what does that say about how well Notarize will deal with my client transactions?

I have completed fifty RON transactions now, enough to know how many things can go sideways. Without strong, prompt support on the platform’s end, issues become failures, which mean wasted time, no payment, and angry clients passing bad word-of-mouth about me.

Notarize has (had) a good reputation. So far, I am decidedly NOT impressed.

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Thanks for the info. How did you get to 50 RON signings? And over what time period? Thanks!