Notarizing a mark

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Notary Tip: How To Handle A Signature By Mark | NNAstrong text

In Florida - per F.S. 117(14)(b)

"(14) A notary public must make reasonable accommodations to provide notarial services to persons with disabilities.
(b) A notary public may notarize the signature of a person who signs with a mark if:

  1. The document signing is witnessed by two disinterested persons;
  2. The notary prints the person’s first name at the beginning of the designated signature line and the person’s last name at the end of the designated signature line; and
  3. The notary prints the words “his (or her) mark” below the person’s signature mark.
    (c) The following notarial certificates are sufficient for the purpose of notarizing for a person who signs with a mark:
  4. For an oath or affirmation:
    (First Name) (Last Name)

His (or Her) Mark



Sworn to and subscribed before me this day of , (year) , by (name of person making statement) , who signed with a mark in the presence of these witnesses:

(Signature of Notary Public - State of Florida)

(Print, Type, or Stamp Commissioned Name of Notary Public)

Personally Known OR Produced Identification

Type of Identification Produced "

In the event the disability is blindness, the notary is required to read the entire document to the signer prior to signing and notarizing

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