Notarizing With Spouse Not Present

I have a friend who wants to notarize documents for 401K loan withdrawal. She is married and requires her husbands signature.

She wants to know if I can notarize without him being present. My understanding is that I can, but would only be notarizing her signature. He’d have to go somewhere else and get his signature notarized.

Is that correct?

Thank you

Yes, that’s correct. Just make sure your notary certificate is structured in such a way that they can’t add his name later, making it look like he was there and you notarized his signature too. Not sure where you are so have no idea how your notary certs are worded.

I live in Southern California.

Thank you

Heed Linda’s words about completing your certificate (with lines drawn so his name can’t be added later) and it shows only your friend’s name on your certificate. Friends tend to not take this matter as serious as it is FOR YOU. Friendships end when money is involved.