Notarology aka National Notary of America aka Signing Professionals

DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THESE FRAUDSTERS…as soon as Laurie Christensen Fiore gets any bad press, she creates a new “shell con game”.

Notarology, recently moved to Pasadena, FL.
Signing Professionals, Saint Petersburg, FL
Real Notary Pros, Colorado Springs, CO
National Signing Source, Saint Petersburg, FL
Florida Notary Network, Saint Petersburg, FL
First Florida Notary, Saint Petersburg, FL
123 Notary Plus LLC, Saint Petersburg, FL

Robert Guiffrida (Fiore) CMO, National Project Coordinator at the National Notary Training Institute, Colorado Springs, CO

Mortgage Corp of America in Hawaii, Lucien and Laurie Gago Fiore Christensen in 2008

Additionally, the Fiore’s have been evicted from this property as they never paid a dime toward rent for a high end, upscale property in Petersburg Beach. Homes here range in the million$ category… This is how the Fiore’s live, stiffing every one they can. They both have some rather checkered pasts. At one juncture, Laurie wrote that they were folding one company because she had stomach cancer. Apparently, she has recovered nicely and continues on selling bogus training products and promising high, unattainable signing fees by luring notaries online, and never delivering. They falsably put themselves in the same class as the NNA.

Check out ripoff report site. They have a lot of reports there from angry, stiffed notaries.

To add to their woes, their bassett hound took a big bite out of the property manager who came to collect rents last summer. She hired an attorney and is suiing the Fiore’s for pain and anguish and medical expenses.