Hi I’m new here and been a SLA for one week.

Has anyone heard of and I accepted an assignment from Notaroo who uses Signing Order for printing docs. I’m concerned because it was a reverse mortgage and I didn’t have much contact information on the email or instruction sheet. The Lenders name and title company were listed on the documents as Allegiant Reverse Services and ENS title company. The only contact information for Notaroo is a phone number no one snswers and an email, no contact name or loan officers name. Just hoping they don’t screw me with payment as it took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to get docs signed and notarized.

Thats strange, “No contact info” what if you had a question from the signers that only the company could answer???

No heard of them… strange thing no contact information

I know only an email for Notaroo and nothing for Title company or closer. I just received an email from Notaroo stating the payout are done 30 days from the assignment date completion. I’ll have to coy the days and see. Maybe I’ll ask them if business days not counting Sundays or Holidays.

If I were you I wouldn’t ask that - don’t give them any ideas. There IS one company who pays in 30-45 “business” days (name escapes me) - don’t give this company any ideas about how to delay payment.

Title info should be on CD - LO info should be on 1003.

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How would I be giving them any ideas? If they already pay according to their pay schedule that could be 30 business days excluding holidays and business days. I need to know what their pay schedule is exactly for my information. I don’t want to be waiting exactly 30 days when one cs forgot to mention excluding business and holidays.

Okay…well, most times the notary sets their own fee schedule …if the company’s payment schedule differs it’s disclosed up front. IME most companies pay at 30-45 days, which is normally acceptable to most notaries - and I say “days” not “business days”

This info should have been disclosed to you by the company prior to the signing so you were advised up front…and you should have your own payment schedule as you are an IC - not an employee. I do notice this company has an extensive agreement to sign and send back - perhaps the language is contained in there…

Good Luck and I hope you get paid promptly.

LOL… we all know by now :sweat_smile:

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Were you paid on time?