Notarool INC

Hello can anyone give feedback on Notarool, INC company?

Dont do any signings with them, they don’t pay, and hard to contact

I have done a few reverse mortgages for them. But they pay at 60 days which I do not believe is acceptable when most notary fees are paid at funding. And they only want to hire notaries with experience with reverses. They do pay but you have to wait. I watch their training videos and also receive podcast info and watch that. They are a legitimate company. But their terms are 60 days. If they wanted a good notary with reverse experience they should make it 30 days if you ask me. But - go figure they don’t ask me.

I’m not impressed with this company they let their clients black male them into disrespecting notaries stay away

I don’t understand how you determined that. I’ve never been disrespected as a notary.

It’s “blackmail” and yes, I’m curious too… what do you mean here?

I hate to be nit-picky, but it’s black MAIL, not black male. Seems to make a difference these days.

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carrier botched up the docs
carrier had a history of botching up docs
in that state
signing service tried to blame notary
docs sent in secured correct package
notary upset

I did not like waiting over 90 days to get paid. I stop working for agencies that want you to wait 90 days.