Notary Business Cards

Is it a good idea to sperate Notary Business from Realtor business by having seperate business cards for each?

It seems to me any real estate transaction you do a notarization for is likely to involve a Realtor, who is a competitor. If you give a business to any of the signers, the Realtor involved in the transaction may feel you are competing unfairly.

I’m a justice of the peace and my business cards say justice of the peace, not notary public. JPs don’t really compete with anyone, so I don’t see any need to have two kinds of cards.

I would; if I go to a notary appointment they get a notary card; if I’m acting as a realtor they get a realtor card; giving a combined card to a notary-only appointment may be taken the wrong way…like you’re promoting your other business. To me that’s just tacky.



In addition to what others stated here, “tread lightly” with giving out your cards while at the table for a client who hired you to be there on behalf of the client. Basically, if you do give out a card while your working for a client, let the signers know your services for future needs are separate from the transaction you are there for. You don’t want your own personal business name being affiliated with a transaction you don’t actually own. But I agree, 2 separate services should require to separate cards, the main reason being (in your case) a real estate agent who is also a notary can not notarize real estate transactions they are a party too (conflict of interest), so it also eliminates confusion among potential clients. I apologize for “drifting” and adding a little extra here, but saw you were new to the forum (Welcome aboard BTW) and wasn’t familiar with your background. Hope this helps!

I’ve had the same business card for 25 years. I continue receive compliments on how clever it is.

I have my Tax business on one side and my Notary business on the other side of the same card. On my website I have my Notary business as a value added service to my Tax business. There a many Tax Professionals who are also notaries.