Notary Cafe Signing Services

I’m looking to sign up with signing services associated with Notary Cafe. I actually found two thanks to a post on this forum which I had to use my Notary Cafe login to sign up with them. I signed up with them and am hoping to get some business. Can anyone name drop some of those companies, direct me to a list of those companies, or show me how to find them please?

Thanks in advance.


To the best of my knowledge, there is no accessible list. What you experienced is the only way you’ll ever know who uses this directory. Be aware, tho’, that some hiring parties use more than one directory/platform/whatever.


Hi there is a thread on here "Best Signing Companies,"which may be a source of information and name dropping of who to sign up with…also not sure if there is a Deadbeat List, but I know there’s a FB page! You need to find out the dead beats because they are the ones to watch out for! As our business increases, we have to watch out for the signing services that are scammers…slow pay/no pay!!! Good luck on your journey, strive for accuracy in your techniques and deliver excellent customer service. Know your worth! Charge accordingly! Set your fees, always counter lowball offers with your fee!! IMO


Signing Order

These are platforms where some signing services get signing agents.

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SnapDoc is terrible, they only have VERY lowball offers

I’m not familiar with Signing Order; how can I sign up with them?

As far as I know, NotaryCafe doesn’t have a list of companies that hire notaries. But, NotaryRotary has a list of companies in their Signing Central section and a lot of those companies use NotaryCafe’s platform. When you find a company with 3 or more stars on NR’s list of companies, check them out. The only way you’ll know they use NotaryCafe’s platform is when you attempt to sign-up and you see the NC’s notice.