Notary cafe was a waste of $

I signed up and paid for Notary Cafe Jan 1, 2018. The year is almost over and have not received NOT ONE signing though here. WASTE OF $.

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Several things to consider here…

  1. Did you use your upgraded listing properly? You have the option to expand your territory as far as inputting what zip codes you service (up to 4 I believe) which will greatly expand your market;

  2. Is it possible you’ve received calls due to your listing here but they just haven’t said they found you here? This site works not only as a listing directory but also as a platform of sorts - if you sign up with a company, sometimes it will ask if you have a Notary Cafe profile - if you do you’re in the company’s database automatically

  3. Is it possible the downturn in the market has had any affect on the lack of signings? I hear it’s pretty bad out there - have to look at the big picture, not just one listing site. It’s just a piece of the pie.

  4. Also, listing here is no guarantee of work - it’s a mechanism for exposure - something to help your SEO - every listing you have will not necessarily bring in calls in and of itself but sill boost your SEO rating.

Just some thoughts off the top of my head.


I see that you joined NC in March of this year. Timing is everything, and the business, depending on where you are geographically, may have stalled as it has in much of the country. This business is not for the faint of heart. And, many people who have been in the business for over a decade are experiencing the low ebb in the business these days. It’s not just you.