Notary Cloud signing service

What have your experiences been with Notary Cloud signing service?

My experience has been good, All expectations met.

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I think they are a great company to work for. They called me for a couple of signings, which were both VA loans, and they paid very well and on time. After that, they have not called me again though.

Notary Cloud was a good company to work with. Docs were on time, and they had someone at the desk available for calls from table. Paid good, within 30 days. HOWEVER, last two I did, the borrower emailed, from the table, their IDs and I received calls weeks later from NC asking to reach out for IDs from borrowers. When I explained they sent it from the table, with my assistance and preview of the picture they were sending, they said, OH, OK, we will look for it. Then, now I was told they are behind in payments because their “Accountant is ill and only left a few checks signed.” They are working on payments for August 10th! 45 days ago! Notaries beware you may not get paid for a long time.

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I think they are a good company. All my dealings have been fair and well handled. I think the problem you had with the ID was just a clerical error. I don’t have any outstanding payments open at this time but in the future I hope I don’t have the same problems you are experiencing.