Notary Dash payment process

What is the payment process for work completed for Notary Dash?


I believe you have to send them an invoice

Is there a number that I can call to request help signing in to Notary Dash? I have been assigned an order with them but my password doesn’t work and the “forgot password” doesn’t send the link for me to reset it. Frankly, I don’t remember ever setting up an account with them but it says there is one so…

This number is on their website. I thinks it’s for companies who want to use their service, but you might get someone who can help you. (844) 252-6525

No, you don’t. They suppose to pay first Friday after 30 days since successful signing date. But unfortunately they don’t.

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Thank you. I saw that number and called it. I had to leave a message. Haven’t heard from them yet.

Hello they pay once a month.