Notary Dash

Any one that has worked with them, do I need to send in invoices for the signings I have completed ? I have emailed them multiple times to find out but have not gotten any response.

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Is the same as Snapdocs, they send you a check to via email, to print and deposit. It takes a while. I did 2 with them at the beginning of August and mid August, and 2 nights ago I got notified that my check was ready to be downloaded, print and deposit. They pay via Delux payment system.
And I don’t like it!.. their weird method. If you want to be deposited straight to your account, Deluxe charges $4.00… no, thank you! :unamused:



I have completed 3 assignments with NotaryDash (Coast2Coast)…I sent one email with the Order Numbers but have not heard back from anyone. Frustrating.

I guess I will have to wait and see if they send me a check via email, which is weird, I agree…thanks. Dee

They will, they’re very slow. I don’t like NotaryDash and C2C… low fee and very slow to pay

No, you don’t send them your invoice.
I work with them and I’m losing my patience begging for my payments. First check i got on time but then a week later no payment, two weeks later the same. Numerous emails sent to finally get my money and when the following week I reminded them in advance, Lisa told me it’s “a little insulting”.

Who do you email if I tried info@Notarydash it came back
I worked for them in early October still haven’t gotten paid
any advice.
Doris and, tell them you will report them to att general, secretary of the state etc
Always works

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Notary Dash belongs to C2C, Lisa Bitner.
I don’t do business with them anymore, I deactivated my account. Their fees are beyond ridiculous, without mentioning the time they take to pay their “2 cents” fee… literally speaking :roll_eyes:

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