!Notary Gadget has added a Journal! Yeehaw

I don’t know when they did it, but I noticed this evening when I was catching up on bookkeeping that Notary Gadget has added a Journal. I always felt that an electronic journal was the only thing missing to be THE all in one solution, enabling at least ME and maybe other Signing Agents to save time lost in duplication of record keeping.

I noticed there is a free trial of the journal and then a fee. The fee is small in my opinion compared to the time saved and organization capability honed.

Thanks SO much, Notary Gadget.


I don’t know what the journal requirements are mswalters’ state; an electronic journal might or might not be OK. If you stop being a notary but want to keep your journal in case questions come up about one if your signings, you will have to keep Notary Gadget as long as your want access to the records (or maybe you can print the journal). I would guess signers won’t be able to sign the electronic journal, or if they can, their signature won’t look much like their usual handwritten ink signature.

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The reason I am excited about an electronic journal added to Notary Gadget is because I can and do read. The state of Texas allows electronic journals If for some reason I quit Notary Gadget I can download everything.

I assumed every person who reads this would be smart enough to know their own state laws.

Nevertheless, Mr. Ashton, I will retain my joy with an enhanced product that will work for me in the Great State of Texas.

Ps:I am not an affiliate of Notary Gadget; just a happy customer.

The State of Texas does not require Affiants to sign journals (easy reading). The State of Texas accepts electronic signatures as carrying the same validity as a wet signature. Easy to look up and read.

Again, I figure most Notaries Public are smart enough to check their own state Laws.

Years ago, actually a year or so after the 2008 mortgage crash I was standing in line at the county clerks office. I was there almost daily purchasing notary authentication for apostilles. There was a lady in line in front of me with box containing one journal then filled to the top with about 500 feet of thermal copy paper. Well I had to ask and as it turned out she was resigning her commission… and turning in all her journals/paperwork. She had bought in to the electronic journal that the NNA was selling and spent 8 years notarizing thousands of loans in the escrow office she worked at. So when she decided to quit she printed it all out to turn in to the clerk. Each page had about 40 lines with tiny thumbprints. I was next in line and asked if they were okay with it and was told that the journal was the only thing they could use, the rest was unusable junk.

No go. only use hard copy journals. If that site goes dark, you now have nothing. Good luck with that. Saving $ should not be your reason to do this…

I agree. Saving $ is NOT my only reason for doing this.

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