NOTARY IQ - NEW signing service

Has anyone ever worked with this company? If so, what was your experience.

I just got a signing request and didn’t take it since I never heard from them.

@docsnotarized & @gomeznotary Based upon internet research I performed just now on this business entity, I concur. HARD PASS.

This Signing Service [SS] is based in CA & has only been in existence for months.

Absolutely no reviews on Google. Plus, minimal information on Google about them. In addition, there are MULTIPLE business entities that utilize that name across the US.

The sparse reviews present on their website represent dates that are clustered in groups and are all Five-Stars. REMEMBER: Best to trust reviews that are verifiable (if there truly is such a thing anymore . . .).


It appears to have possibly spawned as an SS from the ‘get rich quick/six-figure’ individual who recommends that Professional Signing Agents [PSAs] who are unable to garner Signing Orders [SOs] should DEFINITELY open a SS (No! Do yourself a favor & don’t follow that "advice!).

Additional data:

www.notaryiqllc. com
Ken Lalayev, SVP
kenl@notaryiqllc. com
support@notaryiqllc. com


Brandon Sylvestal, AVP
brandons@notaryiqllc. com


Solid research and conclusions! Thank you for the post!

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I just received a request from them. Didn’t have a lot of information, but then some don’t. I haven’t been doing business with companies who I don’t know anything about. Often requests come in with minimal info in them. I like to know how many pages and signers and something about the company I would be doing it for. They don’t feel the need to qualify themselves usually though. Thanks for the research!

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Performed a signing for them in September, fee was good, and payment was prompt


Hi! I just emailed them for an opportunity to work with them.

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I did a signing for them on 10/30/2023 $150 dollars, got paid by Zelle on 11/07/2023
their requests come in through email asking if you’re available for a signing try and respond as soon as possible because these orders get sent to several notaries in the area so act fast !

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