Notary library

What books do you keep in your notary library as reference? There are a couple that are only available through the NNA that I am thinking of getting, but are there some that others would recommend. I am in Virginia, so anything state specific would be great.

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I don’t waste money on stuff like that .
Personally, I focus on my state ONLY I can download my free “Notary Handbook” specifically for my state of Colorado from Secretary of State’s website. I pay attention to any changes and I get email notifications on any changes.
I wouldn’t waste money buying books because notary rules and regulations etc constantly tweaking and revising, especially with RON. The books that you are going to buy will be outdated pretty fast.


@dnjnotaryva I agree with @VIPnotaryCO 100%. One of the things that I personally do is print some of the materials the SS gives you. They are seeing errors and will often put in their signing instructions (Common errors to watch out for) documents. This has helped me a great deal. That is a way to build your library of things to watch out for as you do signings.