Notary Near You and Live Notaries LLC

Has anyone heard of Notary Near You and worked with them before. In November, I was contact via text and sent a contract from Live Notaries, LLC. I performed the notary and now I am trying to get paid.

I completed a signing for Live Notaries LLC on February 5, 2021, and I sent several emails to no avail.
I also completed a signing for A STEP ABOVE SIGNING, and if you look at the comments in this forum, they are so correct. If you search Live Notaries LLC, you can obtain their email address. Have you emailed? They seem to respond if someone makes a negative comment, whether they follow through and pay :/… I will never accept any assignment via text from a company that I am not familiar with, and I think I will do my due diligence and research the companies before I take on the job.

Thanks Elizabeth. I did try emailing both and received no response. I think they got me. I will no longer accept notaries via text unless I know the Company. I was going to contact the lender and let them know. This is such a shame. Happy Holidays

Yes, it is, and you should because they have their contact information, so who knows, they might ask them directly to pay for the services rendered. My signing was one client from out of the state who needed his mom to sign his request for a birth certificate. During peak Covid, I had to go to a convalescent hospital to meet with the client and his mom.
Now we know and we will not commit the same mistake again, MYD we are becoming wiser :slight_smile: !
Have a blessed holiday :slight_smile:

Lol, you are right dishonest people will find a way!

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@myd I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with our company. We would like to make sure you receive your compensation for the assignment you completed. If you were not paid yet, please email so we can take care of this issue ASAP. The reason for your late payment may be due to our company losing a few employees before the holiday season which has caused us to fall behind on payments. Again I’m sorry you have had a bad experience and we would love to have a chance to fix it for you.

@elizabethcgonzalez23 We were able to track your payment and it looks like your check was sent on Feb 8th with an arrival date of Feb 11th, however did not arrive. We have had a couple unfortunate instances with this happening. We have since been encouraging people to chose other, faster options such as CashApp, Venmo and Paypal for payment due to the high rate of break-ins with mail boxes. I do see on my end that you confirmed you received your payment. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you SO MUCH!! I have no problem to continue to work as long as the communication is there. Things happen but as long as everyone is on the same page, we can work anything out. Thanks again.

Yes thank you so much I did receive the payment.

I did a job about a month ago for Notary Near You and I am also having trouble getting any response to my requests for payment. Same deal, got a text, they sent me an agreement to sign. I have texted and emailed amd i am getting crickets.